Italy Breaks Your Heart

Lord-Byron-Italy-Quote-1 When I saw this quote from Lord Byron (from the early 19th century, mind you) I had to smile. It reminded me -- in good ways and bad -- of the op-ed in this past weekend's New York Times from Frank Bruni, Italy Breaks Your Heart.

Did my Italy-obsessed readers see the article? If not, I strongly suggest that you read it. As an American living in Italy, I must admit that I totally agree with just about every point Bruni makes -- about Italy being stuck, about the parallels between Italy and America, about the ways both countries can potentially fix or respond to their problems.

Like most NYT articles, some of the best discussion is happening in the comments. There are lots of folks talking through solutions or, unfortunately, bringing up even more issues that Bruni glosses over or doesn't discuss. So, when you check out the article be sure to read the top rated comments, too.

I think it's important to share articles like this on my blog. I try to keep things as positive as possible here, but I think that a lot of people have a pretty convoluted sense of what life -- real life -- is like here in Italy. Ask any expat that is probably seeing a huge portion of their friends roll out of town (mostly back to North America) and you'll get a bit of a more honest look at how things are going here.

Rob and I are fortunate in that our work (aka being self-employed) keeps us a wee bit isolated from some of the more serious problems related to the job market, but there is no denying that in the three full years we've been here that the mood seems to be shifting a bit. Has anyone else noticed this?

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