What to do in Florence in December

Florence in November Seriously folks, can we talk about it's almost December? OK, so technically we're only in mid-November, but we're already planning for an expat Thanksgiving bash, my 30th and a potential 2nd Christmas-time in Paris. It will be 2014 before we know it!

We were blessed with an insanely wonderful fall. We've had Octobers here in Italy of nothing but rain. This year, it just seems like the weather stayed a bit more mild -- heck, it was even downright warm on some days. Sure, there are gray days, but it feels like a treat.

We've received a few emails from folks asking about what to do in Florence during December. It's a beautiful month to be in Florence. There are white lights hanging everywhere, a Christmas tree near the Duomo and a typical market set up in Santa Croce. For those looking for more specific recommendations we suggest checking out:

As always, be sure to confirm opening times, reservations and any other important details for different activities that you choose. It's Italy, folks, and sometimes people change their minds about when they will be open during the holidays.