5 More of the Best Lifestyle Blogs

5 of the Best Lifestyle Blogs A few months ago I did a post about 7 of the best lifestyle blogs that I read on a daily basis. It's been a top post on my site since I wrote it, so I thought I'd share five more lifestyle blogs that I love. Without further ado...

  • DesignLoveFest: A beautifully curated blog full of styled photoshoots, crafts, interior design and more. Bri has a wonderful eye.
  • A Note on Design: I'm not a huge fan of Tumblr, but one of the few that I do follow is this gorgeous collection of travel, design, home and fashion photos. I've pinned some truly, epicly awesome photos from this blog.
  • The Style Files: I've been following Danielle's blog forever and her style is so modern and classy. This is a great read if you love inspiration, yet accessible, interior design.
  • Elements of Style: Erin is a design and blogging genius. She's talented, honest, funny and helpful. She's one of the few bloggers that I can imagine actually sitting and having a cup of coffee with.
  • Note to Self: Stunning simplicity and a high-end aesthetic that doesn't feel forced. Nothing ever feels like filler on this blog.

It's fun for me to put these blog round-up posts together. Because I feed all of the blogs that I follow into Feedly, I rarely see the actual sites -- their design or special features. I really need to start visiting them more often because I think some of the experience is lost by not actually seeing the site!