Happy Weekend

A few bloggers that I love and adore do these regular weekend link roundups. Essentially, they share their favorites articles, products and findings from around the web each week. I love these posts because I'm able to find some really neat things that simply didn't cross my radar during the week.

So, in that spirit, here are a few things that I read this week and just have to share...


A science-y article from Time about the secrets of living to 115 years old.

I call 'em hoagies, which explains why I love the Phillies, thank to the New York Times.

One of my faves, Rifle Paper Co, has even more amazing illustrated city prints.

I love Danielle LaPorte and her core desired feelings library is so pretty and fun.

These jersey dresses from Old Navy are fast becoming my spring/summer uniform.

The marketer in me loves deconstructing generosity by the always enlightening Seth Godin.

Mad props (yeah, I said it) to Young House Love. Been there, felt that. Blogging isn't always easy.

Future grandfather has the most wonderful, heartwarming reaction ever.


Photo of Bali found via Pinterest.