Our Family Photos from Paris

To say I'm happy about our family photos from Paris would be the understatement of the century. Katie Donnelly is so talented and lovely -- I can't recommend her highly enough if you are in Paris and want to capture your visit to the city.

If you need any reassurance about how awesome Katie is remember this post where I mentioned that the Hash family was barely sleeping in Paris. It was a nightmare! But, somehow, some way, Katie managed to capture us at our best (and maybe even worked some PhotoShop magic on bloodshot eyes). That's some serious photographic voodoo magic right there folks.


As an FYI, if you're looking for a family photographer in our old home of Florence, Italy, I can recommend both Mollie Pritchett and Birgitte Brøndsted.

The Family Portrait Project

In 2011, I had a family portrait painted by Inslee Haynes. It was the first time that I'd ever sprung for a custom portrait of any sort and I totally fell in love with it! After that experience, I decided have a family portrait made each year.

In 2012, I found My Little Buffalo, a graphic design firm out of Portland. The style was so quirky and fun. For 2013, I had an artist on Etsy make it. I'm not going to link to her because I found her really slow and uncommunicative, but I still really like the final product, so I'm happy in that respect. 

I think getting portraits done is a really fun way to capture our little family as it changes. Photography is amazing (photos from Paris coming soon!), but there is something so cute and special about these.  I love that we can change the artistic style up each year, too.

Here is the 2013 family portrait...

Here's 2012:

And, finally, a flashback to 2011: