Never thought I'd say it...

...BUT, one thing that I really miss about Florence/Italy is all of the adorable little motorini (scooters) whizzing by. Sure, sometimes I felt like there was a strong chance I'd be run over by one of the darn things, but they are so quintessentially Italian. I confess to taking more than my share of touristy scooter photos during my time in Florence.

The newest Vespa models are not only well-designed and stunning, but so is the marketing! I signed up for their email list years ago and just can't quit it because 1) I love seeing the new models and 2) I love seeing what their designers cook up each new season. The design nerd in me is in love with their newest promotional work.


I can totally picture myself zipping around town in one of these! The cream colored model with the red seat has my name all over it. Until that moment comes, however, I'm satisfied with living vicariously through my photos from Florence.

Best Italian Food Blogs - Kate's Favorites

Searching for Italian food blogs? That is, bloggers with a penchant for posting delicious and authentic Italian food recipes? Look no further! I've selected five of my favorites to share with you today. These five ladies know their Italian food. Whenever I'm on the hunt for a delicious recipe, I head over to their blogs for inspiration.

What I love so much about each of these bloggers is that they write often about the history of a recipe, their relationship to food and why these recipes are important to them. They aren't just "recipe dumpers" that churn out tons of dishes for SEO or traffic purposes. You really get the sense reading these blogs that they simply love Italian food and sharing it with others.