Our Family Photos from Paris

To say I'm happy about our family photos from Paris would be the understatement of the century. Katie Donnelly is so talented and lovely -- I can't recommend her highly enough if you are in Paris and want to capture your visit to the city.

If you need any reassurance about how awesome Katie is remember this post where I mentioned that the Hash family was barely sleeping in Paris. It was a nightmare! But, somehow, some way, Katie managed to capture us at our best (and maybe even worked some PhotoShop magic on bloodshot eyes). That's some serious photographic voodoo magic right there folks.


As an FYI, if you're looking for a family photographer in our old home of Florence, Italy, I can recommend both Mollie Pritchett and Birgitte Brøndsted.

Our trip to Paris

Our trip to Paris was...interesting. Lets talk about some of the wonderful parts of the trip:

  • An amazing AirBnB apartment: The apartment we stayed in was amazing. Clean, modern and in an unbeatable location in Saint-Germain. If you're anything like me, you get really overwhelmed by all of the endless options available in a city like Paris. It's nice to have such a homey place to come back to after a day out.

  • The weather: It was perfect. Seriously, 60-65 degrees each day, very little wind, sunshine and just absolute perfection. We couldn't have asked for better weather.

  • Visits to iconic spots: We saw the Luxembourg and Tuileries Gardens, the Eiffel Tower and a few other quintessential Paris sites. Seeing them over the course of such beautiful days made it a really dreamy experience.

Ok, now for the "lets keep it real" portion of our blog post. Livia. Did. Not. Sleep. Something about this trip just didn't agree with her. It made for an interesting energy-level for the Hash family. It made for an even more interesting flight back to the U.S. with just me and her. Suffice to say I was counting down the time, minute by minute. We made it back safe and sound, so that's all we can hope for.

On the upside, we did a photoshoot with a photographer while in Paris and I can't wait to see the photos. Hopefully she can photoshop out the red eyes and sleep deprivation from our faces!

Pinning Paris: 5 Gorgeous Photos

With only three weeks left until our little family trip to Paris, I find myself spending a slightly unacceptable amount of time on Pinterest searching for ideas for our stay. Paris is a black hole on Pinterest because there are about 5,323,129 pictures, graphics and otherwise cute illustrations inspired by the city.

Do you use Pinterest to help plan trips? I find it's a neat way to get visual inspiration for unexpected places to see -- random streets, restaurants and undiscovered shops. With a baby in tow, it's important not to plan too much. Instead, I like to make note of beautiful things to keep an eye out for in different neighborhoods...just in case we find ourselves out walking most of the time instead of inside at a museum.

During our last trip to Paris we didn't go see the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame. We just walked. Everywhere. Paris is such a beautiful city that we wanted to see as much as possible, even if it meant skipping some of the touristy stuff.

Here are five pins of Paris that have been very excited for our trip!

Found on  this board  // Original Source:  Vogue Austraila

Found on this board // Original Source: Vogue Austraila

Found via  this board  // Orginal Source:  Flickr user Alessandro Tortora

Found via this board // Orginal Source: Flickr user Alessandro Tortora

Found via  this board  // Original Source:  Ferm Living Blog

Found via this board // Original Source: Ferm Living Blog

Found via  this board  // Original Source: Unknown

Found via this board // Original Source: Unknown

Found via  this board  // "Original Source":  A random Tumblr

Found via this board // "Original Source": A random Tumblr

Psst...my friend Georgette has an awesome board dedicated to Florence, in case you're looking for inspiration for a trip here!

Planning for Paris


In less than a month we're heading back to Paris for a quick, 3-day visit. I could not be more excited. Although, trying to figure out what to do during such a short visit is a bit overwhelming! I'm consulting Oh Joy's mini-guide to Paris and it's helping a bunch (hello, trampolines in a park?!). Our plan is to pick one thing to definitely do each day and then just enjoy the rest of the day walking around and eating lots of croissants.

It's hard to believe that the last time we were in Paris little Livia was only three months old(!) and we were frazzled new parents. Well, we're still frazzled, but suffice to say we are excited to visit Paris this time around because 17-month old Livia is going to get to experience quite a bit of it. Livia is at a stage where she just loves to walk and touch everything, so Paris should be visually stimulating for her.


Any Paris suggestions for us? Any kid-friendly restaurants (does this even exist in Paris)?