Italian Dual Citizenship: How to Certify Translations at a Consulate

Italian dual citizenship how to certify translations - The process of applying for Italian dual citizenship is a multi-step process. If you are applying for Italian dual citizenship in Italy (and not at your regional consulate), you have the option of certifying your translations before you arrive in the country.

Italian Dual Citizenship How to Certify Translations

There are many benefits to certifying translations before you arrive in Italy. Chiefly, it will save you multiple trips to local government offices to have them certified, as well as prevent any difficulties associated with language barriers. Certifying translations at a consulate is a particularly attractive option if the consulate is only a short drive or train ride away.

At most consulates you do not need an appointment to have your translations certified, but you should call your consulate to confirm this. Additionally, confirm the days and times of the week that they accept walk-in visitors for these services. There is no need to mention that your translations are for Italian dual citizenship. Certification is just one of the many services offered by consulates.

Prior to arriving at the consulate, however, you should be sure that you have completed the following previous steps:

  • Requested and received all records
  • Translation of all records
  • All state and federal records apostilled

You should present your documents paperclipped with the Italian translation on top, followed by the apostille paperwork and then the actual record. As a side note, most states will staple the apostille paperwork to the record. Do not unstaple these documents.

The worker at the consulate will advise you whether to wait for the certifications or come back later in the day. Certifications cost around $10 per record and most consulates accept only cash, so come prepared to pay in this manner.

As a final note, remember that if you schedule an appointment and apply for Italian dual citizenship at the consulate, it is not necessary to certify your translations ahead of time.