Vintage Cars in Piazza della Repubblica



About once a week the Wifi in the apartment stops working for a few hours. We used to let it upset us, but now we just take it as a sign that we're working too hard and that the internet elves want us to take a break :-)

This past Thursday when the internet decided to shut off, we took a walk to the city center. Imagine our surprise when we got to Piazza della Repubblica and saw a vintage car festival taking place! It was a small, but fantastic setup -- the cars and motorcycles were arranged from oldest to "newest," so you could see the progression of technology and design. Rob loved the red Alfa Romeo and I really loved the blue car from the 1920's.

I'm forever amazed by how easy it is to stumble upon amazing things like this in Florence. Whether it's a Renaissance flag festival or a car show, there is always something happening here.


New Obsession for My Instagram Obsession


You might call it a circle of obsession.

Happy Birthday to me! A few days ago my first Stickgrams arrived in the mail and I am totally obsessed. For $15 (at least that's the price here in Italy) you get to turn nine of your favorite Instagram photos into magnets. The price includes shipping, so I thought, why not try it.

They are awesome. For real. I'm scoping out every possible magnetic location in the apartment to bling with these things. Currently, they are all over our little red file cabinet.

I LOVE companies that print photos in creative and fun ways. I'm currently looking for a really good site to use to make a photo album of our first year in Italy. I made my parents a beautiful album for their visit, but wasn't thrilled with the customer service/turnaround I received from the company that I used (even for such a gorgeous product, I can't bring myself to reuse the company). Any suggestions for great, high-end photo book sites?

Christmas Market in Santa Croce

Yesterday we took a mid-afternoon walk (with Winston, obvi) to the German-style Christmas Market in Santa Croce. This is our first Christmas in Florence, so we're excited to see as much as possible. As soon as we arrived at the market, we were instantly drooling over strudel, pretzyls, cookies, candy, spices and more. If Winston wasn't with us I'm pretty sure we would've lingered for a while and made some bad (but oh-so-delicious) food decisions. We did warn Winston that if he misbehaved too much on the walk that he'd end up like the roasted big below (kidding, kidding).

It was a perfect, overcast early winter day -- crisp, but not cold, and quiet. It is amazing how the city transforms this time of year. We walked by the Uffizi, through Piazza della Signoria and it was so enjoyable. No crowds and peaceful. I wonder what July visitors to the Uffizi (that waited in line for 4 hours) would think about seeing the place totally empty.

What other holiday events in Florence do we need to know about this month? We don't want to miss anything!


P.S. This was Winston's longest walk in a long time and we were so proud of him! A few months ago he was diagnosed with Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration (SARDS). It's been a huge adjustment for us all, but he's been such a trooper. I think the quieter city streets this time of year are helping to make him more confident walking around!