Tech Nerd, Design Junkie.

Yup, that pretty much sums me up. I’m a proud woman in technology, currently working at one of the best public universities in country. I manage a group that designs and develops websites for schools, organizations and individuals across our campus of 40,000+ faculty, staff and students. In addition, I also oversee internal and external communications for our IT organization. It’s my job to make sure crazy complicated technical changes, rollouts and other assorted fun gets translated properly for the average end user. I have insanely smart colleagues and, therefore, on occasion find myself saying things like “Can you repeat that, using smaller words and a slower cadence,” but for the most part I get to use my fairly extensive technical background and knowledge to help communicate the great work happening on our campus.

You can view my resume/CV by visiting my LinkedIn page


Do you still design + develop websites?

Yes and no. This working mom thing keeps me pretty darn busy and leaves precious few hours for web and branding design projects. Max, I can do 3-4 web projects year (about one per quarter); I can handle about one branding project per month. If are you interested in chatting to see if we’d be a good fit, you can contact me here. Good timing + good energy just might equal some fun work together.