One decade, two countries, four cities.

It’s been a busy last ten years for me and my family. When I get asked questions like “Where are you from?” and “How’d you end up in Chapel Hill?” I typically find myself taking a deep breath and dig in for a lot of explanation. I’ve put this handy dandy timeline together to help things out a bit.

2014 - Present


When we decided to leave Italy, these were the items on my “must list” for our new home, among other, more serious things: pretty town and surrounding countryside, good weather (we missed the mild Southern winters!), a good local vibe, and to never need to move (far) again.

Moving sucks, folks. So, when we started looking for a great new city/town to call home, growth potential was a big item on the list. That meant finding a town where I could find a great job, my husband could go to a great law school and there would be long-term career potential for us both. 

Long story short: We love it here. Our little Liv loves it here. Our second little one, Archer, was born here in 2016. We are very happy to call this charming town home. Go heels!


2011 - 2014


We left the U.S. thinking that we might stay abroad for a year and ended up staying for three and a half! Our time in Florence was both magical and frustrating (thanks Italian red tape!), but absolutely rewarding. We arrived in Florence two 20-somethings looking for adventure and returned as young parents, seasoned business owners and professionals ready for our next challenge.

Glamorous European living highlights include: summer trips to small towns in Tuscany, holidays in Southern France, epic road trips to Amsterdam, repeated wonderful jaunts to Paris, wonderful life milestones surrounded by the beauty of Florence.


2002 - 2007 | Washington, DC

College. Post-college. Engagement. So many fond memories in Washington, D.C. It’s where I met my wonderful husband and many great people I’m still lucky to call friends. Can you imagine a better city to spend five years? D.C. always have something to see, a new restaurant to try and interesting new people to meet. It was heaven for two current event junkies like us!


2007 - 2011 | Louisville, KY

Our time in Louisville is basically when we learned to be grown-ups. We bought our first house, adopted a puppy (now an old man dog), got married and started our careers. We still talk about how wonderful Louisville is — seriously, some of the nicest people in the world in one of these most hidden gem cities of the South. We got to attend the Kentucky Oaks, spend weekends gambling at Churchill Downs and generally got to explore the amazing countryside of Kentucky.