The Italy Years

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From January 2011 - March 2014, I lived in Florence, Italy. During that time I wrote a popular expat/travel blog called La Vita e' Bella. The blog covered all kinds of topics: from Italian dual citizenship to how to move to Italy to expat life in Italy and much, much more.  Most of the knowledge and personal experience I have to share you can find by digging through the archives.

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All posts listed below is a carry-over from my old expat blog. Immediately below are some of the most popular posts from the blog. Below that section, I've categorized post on popular topics. There are, of course, many more posts on each topic, but this is the most efficient way for me to present the posts to you. You can use the search function at the bottom of this page to find more. NOTE: I don't actively maintain these posts, so there are broken images, links, etc.

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