Hello there.

I'm Kate.  I have a passion for the online world — web design, social media, digital strategy, blogging and more. I've written for a variety of online publications, including design*sponge, YSF Magazine, LKR Social Media and Brazen Careerist. 

From 2011 - 2014, my husband and I called Florence, Italy home. It was amazing. I had a pretty popular blog during that time and have some of those posts available for you to check out here.


In 2011, my husband and I were on an episode of House Hunters International.

It’s important to research how basic business communication and new social interactions are handled in the culture you’ll be working with. I stress the word “culture” because even within individual countries there can be starkly different behaviors toward business. 

-Design Sponge, "Working Across Cultures"